Our Company

Since 1992, AERO LOG has been active in the spare parts sector, offering its clients a top-quality logistics service.

Historically oriented toward the provision of civilian and military aeronautical components, both in France and abroad, since 2008 AERO LOG has concentrated on the development and diversification of its industrial, naval and land-based applications.

The company exports to countries all around the world, in Europe, South America, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, engine parts, diverse mechanical, hydraulic and electronic equipment, various hardware, consumables and other semi-finished products.

So as to meet the market's ever growing needs, AERO LOG is constantly expanding its range of services :

► Purchasing centre
► Material/equipment storage
► Computerized stock management
► Aeronautical conditioning
► Expertise and engineering

Located at the Saint-Cyr-l'École aerodrome, AERO LOG benefits from a large storage area, as well as a monitoring and shipment infrastructure.