Aeronautical Applications

Since its creation, AERO LOG has been active in the sale of civilian and military aeronautical components.
The company has built its solid reputation as a specialist in the sector upon its fundamental activity, the selling of aeronautical parts.
AERO LOG has earned its serious reputation thanks to its experience in the exporting of sensitive parts (military, chemical, explosive, etc. components), as well as in supplying parts for the various generations of Mirage fighters.

Today, numerous clients trust AERO LOG to provide them with parts for a wide range of military and civilian aircraft:

► Avion Mirage III
► Avion Mirage V
► Avion Mirage F1
► Avion Mirage 2000
► Avion Super Etendard
► Hélicoptère Puma
► Hélicoptère Super Puma
► Avion Alpha jet
► Avion Transall
► Hélicoptère Panther
► Hélicoptère Fennec
► Hélicoptère Gazelle
► Avion Falcon
► Hélicoptère Dauphin
► Hélicoptère Écureuil
► Hélicoptère Alouette

Its strong points :

Exportation around the world
Aeronautics-specific conditioning and quality control
Total traceability
NATO supplier code N° F9986
Authorization for selling arms equipment/materials